How to sleep better?


To relieve those who suffer from sleep disorder , the INVS recommends that certain conditions are met to “have quality sleep.”

It is advisable not to go to bed or to get up at too variable of schedules in order to help sleep. Waking up at the same time each day, even during the weekend, allows the body to keep the same rhythm of sleep and wakefulness.

man sleeping on mattress

Alarm Clock

Well wake up with a strong light, doing stretching exercises and taking a good full breakfast.

Physical exercise

A practice of a regular physical exercise during the day makes it possible to help fall asleep. It is best to avoid practicing it in the evening, especially before going to sleep.


Take a short nap in the early afternoon. Closing your eyes for 5 to 20 minutes and releasing your body allows sleep to come quickly if the need arises. A nap helps maintain vigilance the rest of the day.

Avoid Stimulants

Stimulants should be avoided for 6 hours before bed. Coffee, cola, tea, and vitamin C are delaying sleep and promote nighttime awakenings. Alcohol and tobacco should be avoided at night. The nicotine delays sleep onset and increases nighttime awakenings and causes a lighter sleep. Alcohol promotes an unstable sleep, punctuated by frequent nocturnal awakening. Moreover, it is an aggravating factor in nocturnal respiratory problems, such as sleep apnea or snoring.


Favour foods containing carbohydrates slow (bread, potatoes, rice, pasta), because they promote sleep by allowing control inputs during the night. Dairy products are also indicated in the evening. Cooked fries and fats should be avoided. The evening meal should not be skipped, at the risk of feeling hungry during the second half of the night.

Room and bed

The temperature in the room should be around 18 ° C. It is necessary to think to air well and to make well the darkness in the room, because it favors the deep sleep. The secretion of melatonin , hormone sleep, is favored in the dark. It is important to take care of your bedding and change it regularly. The bed should be in a space reserved exclusively for sleep, except for sexual activity.  A good air mattress also helps when traveling to get a good night sleep.

End of the day

Intellectual work should be avoided just before sleep. Bright light, games or computer work can cause sleep problems. Reserve a quiet period of relaxation about 30 minutes before sleep. Having its own sleeping ritual promotes a natural, soft sleep.
Lying down at the first signs of sleep.

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