Extending your house: Quick guide


Build an extension or start from scratch with a new house? The two options are discussed, although the extension has rather the wind at the moment. Faced with the scarcity and cost of land, we prefer to do the best with what we have because we are men!

The extension: reasons to make your house bigger

1. The extension of a house makes more exciting a renovation project.
Most of the candidates for the extension are no longer satisfied with a mundane surface but also want to improve the general aesthetics of the existing as well as the comfort. Is this the opportunity to create for example an open kitchen or a parental suite? dreams that one can not afford without doing important work in an old house. But it is often also the occasion to modify the interior volumes of a badly damaged ground floor, to improve the insulation, and to create openings on the garden.

2. The extension is cheaper
The extension has a lower cost per square meter than a new construction, essentially when considering the increase in land costs in built-up areas. Nowadays, the price of a plot often exceeds the price of the house you want to build.

3. The extension is easier to conceive oneself.
Attention, it nevertheless requires a “vision”, the prerogative, in principle, of good architects, but some profane are happily endowed. It remains for them to find the professionals (men of art, builders, craftsmen …) who will translate their ideas without betraying them. For those who do not (ideas), the architects also make extensions.

4 . The extension leaves more room for creativity.
The enlargement can completely change the look of the original home. It can be in agreement with the existing (respect of the constructive system, the materials, the relations of volume, the style …) or in opposition. Thus, we see more and more often extensions wood very contemporary, with large windows that give a facelift to ordinary houses.

Tools needed

Of course if you want to extend your house you’ll need some solid power tools. A good table saw like this Dewalt one will do well. Some other needed tools are an impact driver, nails, level, tape measure, sawhorse, and much more.

Basic Woodworking Tools