Month: June 2017

Basic Woodworking Tools


carpentry tools

First and foremost, when we choose our basic carpentry tools, whenever possible we should never select the cheapest ones on the market. If we get tools too cheap, they will end up costing us more in the long run.

When we buy good quality tools, we do not take this risk. For example, if you wanted a table saw it would pay to read some reviews like these before buying. Neither is it necessary to spend excessive money: in the market there is a wide offer of the same to excellent prices and brands. Next we will share a list of basic carpentry tools, both manual and electrical.

Basic Carpentry Tools

Toolbox: Every carpenter needs a good toolbox. We recommend from anything from the Dewalt brand of boxes with two or more compartments, to maintain good order.

Tape Measure: It is best to have one that is between 1 meter and 2 meters for the jobs that will inevitably require it.

Level: It is recommended that it be made of metal or aluminum, and of a good size.

Carpenter’s pencil: It is recommended to have 2, with well-tuned tips at both ends.

Chalk Line: This is a line produced by a rope soaked with chalk dust, which is stored in a container designed for that purpose. The rope is extended between two points with tension, holding the intermediate part above the surface. When you release the middle part, the rope falls on the surface and marks a straight line of chalk.

Chisel: Popular and widely used, the chisel is a tool with a sharp and straight mouth with a double bevel to work with.

Knife: The best feature is to be retractable, and to load it safely.

Hammer: Stay away from aluminum ones. The best are steel.

Pliers: Those that have diggers at both ends, one curved and the other straight, are preferable.